Nerd Talk: Drinking Beer to Save the World!

This machine turns bottles into beach sand.

March 8, 2017
Bottles to become beaches

by Dreamstime


Two-thirds of the Earth's beaches are being eroded away - and not just by natural (human-caused) erosion (and rising ocean levels), we evidently just love sand.

It's used in tons of stuff like cement, computer chips, soap opera intros, and pharmaceuticals... what?! For some reason, desert sand, which we have tons of, is comprised of round granules and beach sands are jagged. Thanks to science or something, the round stuff doesn't work as well as the jagged junk for building crap. So companies, sometimes illegally, steal sand from the beach.

Even the sharks are mad about this. In a recent poll, 91% of sharks think humans are fools for destroying their own beaches.*

Now hold on just a hot sunburn second - there's gotta be something we can do, right? It's probably not gonna be stopping companies who can make some serious crabby cash depleting this resource with mad short-term abandon (at least not for a few more years). We haven't found the right type of genie in a bottle to fix it for us. 

Luckily, beer nerds are here to save us with this crazy invention. A machine that instantly pulverizes beer bottles into beach particulate!

Sure it doesn't have chunks of dumb crustaceans and other pink sea beasts, but it is a pretty big building block for replacing the sand. Or we could save the Earth and not let companies steal sand... lol, yeah right.

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*fake news