Nerd Talk: Four things that we like the most about iOS 11

I can feel the collective eyerolls from Android users from here...

September 21, 2017
iOS 11 is fine

by Branden


Every freakin' time’ Apple holds some long boring conference about their new phone and iOS I have the same reaction - wishing I could afford the new phone and realizing how the new iOS is going to drain my battery twice as fast.

After a couple days using the official iOS 11, here's what stands out on the new operating system so far.

Screenshot Editing
This is probably the thing that we’ll notice people using the most. It's still pushing the home button + power button at the same time to capture what’s on the screen (probably nudity), but now, it’ll pop up in the bottom corner of the screen and you’ll be able to go full MS Paint on the screenshot you just grabbed. Example, when I screencap my cute little #spacebaby, I grab a pen tool from the bottom and turn him into something much more sinister.

Sinister Baby
by Gregr

Not every photo will need “improvements” and you can just swipe it away to your camera roll. Very cool.

Control Center
When you swipe up on an active screen, you get a new control center. It does a lot of the same ol', stuff like control your audio or turn on the flashlight. There are now way more buttons and you can customize which you want and the order they appear.

Them buttons...
by Branden

I’m reading everywhere about how when you deselect the wifi or Bluetooth that it doesn’t actually turn off the antenna… it just turns off the apparent connection leaving you open and vulnerable to someone smarter than me who knows how to capitalize on those antennae. Read more.

Do Not Disturb While Driving
This, in theory, seems pretty cool, but I have a hard time believing anyone is going to actually use this new mode. When your car is connected via Bluetooth to your phone, when activated, the phone will know not to show you any notifications. Don’t have Bluetooth, no sweat, the accelerometer on the phone and location services will try to predict that you are indeed in the car or you’ve become the fastest human on foot in ever.

Screen recording
This is a game changer for teaching that less technologically inclined person in your life how to do something without throwing your own phone onto the highway after painfully trying to explain that no, it’s the button literally on the screen… the round one… at the bottom. Now you can hit record, it’ll count down from three before recording. Now navigate through how to save a photo your friend sent you to your camera roll or whatever nonsense you’re “patiently” helping with.

There's more...
There are a ton of other new features like the new file system (yawn) and other small changes to fonts and icons like the calculator.

Another one that’ll take a while to have fun with and fully understand is the ARKit apps. Think of it like Pokemon Go only instead of a wild Bulbasaur, you’re overlaying Ikea furniture in your living room. It’s pretty dope, but will take a hot minute to figure out. HMU, I’ll send you a screen recording to show you how.

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