Nerd Talk: Lego Tape is like Wallpaper's Awesome Uncle

This is a great crowd source campaign (until they get sued)

March 15, 2017
These will murder your feet

As a huge LEGO fan, it was pretty cool to run into this crowd source campaign for what is effectively Lego tape (without permission to use the name Lego). It's like velcro tape only for nipple-y blocks. You peel the back off and adhere it to stuff giving kids and adults the opportunity to stick their block creations where ever the heck they like!

Pretty awesome.

My friend Saffi gave me some pretty sweet dinosaur legos* last week so my lifelong interest in block building once again is white hot. I've always been the great-at-following-included-directions builder, but terrible at free-building with a box of blocks spilled out on the floor. Now my dinosaurs can be affixed to strange places throughout the house.

Now, the drawback: more places to affix Legos in your house = more occurrences of middle of the night sharp corner foot murder. You've been warned.

You can support this campaign here.

Life Hack: before your kid (or you) spills a box of uncaged legos on the floor for some free building, lay down a trash bag, kitchen bag, giant piece of plastic. When you're done building, simply grab the four corners and pull them together like you're making an old-timey hobo sack. Then lower the full diaper after the most painful poop ever looking bag back into its box.

Put plastic under this and make cleanup a breeze!

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*No, spell check, I don't want to replace "legos" with legs. Who am I, Darth Maul? Wait a second...