Nerd Talk: The new anime Godzilla trailer looks incredible!

Except for the music, the music is terrible.

October 25, 2017

plastic non-anime Godzilla by dreamstime


Listen, humans have it easy. We have no natural predators other than ourselves with our guns and drunk driving and whatever other stupid things we do to one another.

A scenario where gigantic radiation beasts rise from the ocean to smash our cities and squish our flimsy humans has fascinated us since we bombed the crap out of Japan to effectively end the war in the Pacific ocean. They've been making Kaiju (monster) movies since and on a recent visit to the island nation, I found that Godzilla culture is to Japan what Mickey Mouse is to the U.S.

Like Mickey, our giant human smashing radiation beast is back in Godzilla: Monster Planet, an anime film that looks so badass! Quick set-up: humans fled Earth to avoid becoming kaiju chow. Generations later, they're back...


Following all of the timelines and periods of the Godzilla universe is a bit tricky. Watching a human dressed in a lizard suit lumbering around smashing stuff is not. It's awesome. But here we see the potential that the American films always screw up. The animation doesn't try to reinvent the character - he's still a massive and angry dragon thing ready to put humans through some shit.

You'll have to travel to Japan (and learn Japanese) to see it opening night 11.17.2017 but it will get an international release via Netflix likely in 2018. Bring it on, Lizardbreath.

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