Nerd Talk: Record Pressing Robot About To Blow Up Vinyl

No more waiting to get that LP

January 30, 2017
Record listening is at a 25 year high

by Gregr

The music industry needs more robots to keep up with your insatiable love of vinyl, special edition LP's, and colorful limited run albums. So this Canadian company got busy.

That robot still seems pretty slow and cumbersome, but according to Third Man Records, there hasn't been a new record press machine made since 1980, so this new robotic monster is pretty significant. The music nerds at Microforum in Canada hope to have six of these machines running soon with the capacity to stamp 24,000 records per day! And they'll have touchscreens oooOOOOooo - the machines, not the records.

For the last several years, vinyl record listening has been huge. It feels good to hold a record, hear the imperfections, and have to get off your butt to flip the record over. Compared to flipping on the radio or streaming via app, vinyl may not be the top means of music discovery, nor does it need to be. I put on a record to fit the mood. Rainy gray Seattle day: Alt-J This is All Yours. Air guitar soloing in the living room: Smashing Pumpkins Gish. I encourage you to connect physically with the music you love. Don't be gross. Get a record player or better yet learn it on a guitar or piano or french horn or something!

Read more about the technology and company here.

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