Nerd Talk: Sunglasses that can buy you beers

Just DO NOT lose them!

February 9, 2017
Sunglasses that pay for stuff

by Gregr


An Australian sunglasses company, Local Supply, paired up with Visa to make a tap-to-pay set of glasses called WaveShades. Headed to the beach for a rare Seattle sunshine day where people will steal anything you leave behind? Ditch your wallet locked in the trunk and just wear your money on your face.

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Though we’re not quite at implant a payment chip into the back of your hand technology, our desire to avoid the incredibly strenuous work of having to reach into a pocket for a wallet, clip, or clutch, grab some cash or a debit card and then swipe it through a machine as far away as twelve inches from your must be at an all-time low. A whole foot away? Yuck.

I’ll admit, I love the idea of paying for things by tapping my iPhone to the payment reader. It’s specifically awesome when wearing a karate gi that doesn’t have pockets. And for as worried as I was when I first set it up, having a thumbprint reader means it’s a little more secure to the common crook, though a savvy hacker would still bypass something so simple.

I’m skeptical of the example video that Local Supply shows when a woman at a music festival using the shades to pay.

Okay, so imagine that your debit card and your sunnies had a baby. And that baby could buy you beers. Our epic WaveShades collab with @visa_au rolls out today at @lanewayfest! Dab away, friends.

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As a resident of Seattle, I don’t have to tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I lose per year. It’s one of the first things I heard moving here: if you opened a sunglasses store you’d get rich quickly! Truth.

While these glasses aren’t yet in the USA, my buddy Kool Keith attended Voodoo Fest in New Orleans and said the wristband for the event could be linked to your bank account and then all weekend you could just tap to pay for everything. I wonder how many extra adult beverages KK bought thanks to the ease of wandering by and giving a love tap to the machine he received a beer in exchange? At least this thing was attached to his arm so crooks would either need to snip it off or rip off his arm. Watch out, Keith!

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Though skeptical via my own clumsiness and stupidity, I am excited about how this technology will be implemented further in the future until we become cyborgs and battle each other to control the earth. Earth’s Next Top Cyborg sounds pretty legit. Someone trademark that for me.

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