Nerd Talk: They're Officially Making This Big Ass Rocket Into Lego sets

It's 1:110 the scale and 1969 blocks big!

May 1, 2017
Saturn V Rocket

by Gregr


The same giant rocket that shot a group of air force pilot nerds to the freakin' moon will soon be a big ass collection of Legos sitting on your shelf or glued to your hood or whatever. The brand new Apollo 11 lego set features all three sections of the rocket and the craft that would later zip around in the lunar orbit and on the surface of our made-from-cheese celestial neighbor.

It's gonna set you back $120 starting June 1 and it will feature 1,969 pieces to commemorate the year of Apollo 11's successful landing on the moon. This is one of those ideas that went through the crowd campaign that Lego offers - get your suggestion 10,000 votes and they'll consider for build though this one seems super obvious.

Nerd Talk goes to NASA

Personally, I'm double excited after a recent trip the Johnson Space Center where they have all 363 feet of Saturn V rocket lying on its side in full display. Lego will provide stands for the rocket should you want to set it on your desk or dog in three segments like you're a freaking NASA-funded museum in Texas. 

These nerds go into way more detail.