New Music Discovery: Man Man "Cloud Nein"

I had feelings finding out they are back!

February 20, 2020
Honus Honus of Man Man

by Dan Monick // Sub Pop Records


Seattle's Sub Pop Records is putting out the new album by the wonderful Philadelphia/Los Angeles band, Man Man. I got a little too excited about the news.

You see, I put the album 'Rabbit Habits' (nice) into the 5-disc changer in the ol' Honda back in 2008 and literally never took it out. Like you could break into the car now, hotwire the ignition, and flip through cd's until "Mister Jung Stuffed" with all it's squeaking, rattling, and organ noises started tickling your ears. Please don't break into my car.

I've seen Man Man encourage everyone in the crowd to shake their keys around as part of the intro to "The Ballad of Better Beans" and play in the dark as part of a laser-light show at Pacific Science Center LASER DOME during some rad festival that no longer exists. 

While they've made many records since, it's been a minute since this beautiful disaster of a passionate band had crept into my mind. So glad that we'll get new music. So glad that it's out on Sub Pop. So glad that all that heart still pours through the more-but-still-unrefined Tazmanian Devil hurricane of creativity that is Man Man.

Let's talk again May 1st when ALBUM gets released.