New Music: This is a Massive Step for Queens of the Stone Age

Working with Mark Ronson a Huge Departure

June 16, 2017

Queens of the Stone Age are back with new music. First, they teased us with a silly video, a bunch of rock'n'roll types being questioned by some nerd with a polygraph, then a day later we received this wonderful little gift from a band boldly going where they've never sonically braved before.

The fear I have for bands getting older and becoming the caricature of that sound - Social D pulls this off well - is that a new record won't move the needle the way it once did when they were new and energized by youth and whiskey and despair.

Queens of the Stone Age started a transition way back a decade ago with Era Vulgaris, and though well received by the critics in super cool scenes, it never felt like a proper desert rock record. It couldn't though. There was no way to keep making Rated R and Songs for the Deaf without getting boring. But the path to something new challenged old boring fans like myself. Finally, after an extended break, a brush with death for Josh Homme and his battle against MRSA, and a regrouping, ...Like Clockwork delivered (think "Vampyre of Time and Memory")

Just when I had no idea where these dudes would go, Queens of the Stone Age drop this crazy new song that sounds NOTHING like their body of work to this point - from neither the songwriting nor the sound.

For album VII, the group worked with pop producer Mark Ronson ("Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson). He's the brilliant producer that gave us songs and albums from Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Bruno Mars. He has a bit of work with rock acts like Kaiser Chiefs and Duran Duran, but never something as brooding and badass as QOTSA. Until now. Homme said he wanted to make the sound "very tight, and with the air sucked out of it and very clear":

Now, what do we do? How do we possibly prepare for an entire album when that's the song we're given? I feel like this was a masterclass in summoning a ton of anticipation around a record that for many other bands would be executed formulaically "time to make a new record/go on tour/remodel the swimming pool, fellas" by other groups making their seventh record. I was totally caught off guard by this single, and can not wait for Villains, due out 8/25/17.

01. Feet Don’t Fail Me
02. The Way You Used To Do
03. Domesticated Animals
04. Fortress
05. Head Like A Haunted House
06. Un-Reborn Again
07. Hideaway
08. The Evil Has Landed
09. Villains Of Circumstance

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