NEW Radiohead song, 'Burn The Witch,' released

May 3, 2016

© Mark Milstein |

Earlier this week, in a fun bit of stunting, the chaps from Radiohead whited out their website, removed all their social media posts, and sat around hitting F5 to refresh the page and make sure everything was gone.

"Oh no, did Radiohead break up??"


Yesterday they uploaded a cryptic video of a stop-motion birdie to Today, they gift us with a new song,

"Burn the Witch". It's the first single from an as-yet-unnamed ninth studio album. It's the first new music since the the bond-themed almost-track for "Spectre" (it didn't get used). It's awesome. Before that, the band went on hiatus in 2012 after their King Of Limbs tour.


Photo credit: © Mark Milstein |