A New Take on New Year's Resolutions

From a dude that doesn't like resolutions one bit.

January 3, 2017
Happy New Year

Oh great, it’s that time of year where we as a collective agree to set the same goals as other years hoping this year they’ll stick!

I once saw a commercial featuring a famous football player talking about how unless you’re under 20 or a professional athlete, you’re probably never gonna have six pack abs. Sure, someone went and proved this millionaire wrong, but for good or bad, that still rings true to me.

I’m not one for resolutions. I think New Year's Eve is an amateur hour for people who usually don’t party to drink too much and barf all night on the unusually sticky bathroom floor. Anyone who lives with dudes knows how even a well-cleaned bathroom still has that old pee smell around the base of the toilet…

Making resolutions to celebrate a new year seems about as dumb and unlikely to work as thinking that now that 2016 is over, the curse of celebrities dying is history, too. Pop stars are old now. They’re going to die. It sucks. That said, RIP Carrie Fisher.

Last year I tried something new - doing a beneficial task for a month at a time. For all of January, I worked on writing a few minutes a day in my trusty butt-pocket notebook. In February, I went vegetarian. March I can’t even remember and the rest writes itself.

I’m tired of talking trash about resolutions and it is a good excuse to exercise a little discipline. I took last year’s January success and decided a month works for my attention span. I reached out to Tim Ferriss. He’s a dude I consider a master of personal growth.

Look, I’m no doctor so don’t do this stuff if it doesn’t seem or feel ok. Or better yet, ask a doctor first!

Week 1 (starting today!)
Meditation - my buddy Matt told me to get the Headspace app for a week’s worth of guided meditation. 10 minutes to start and/or finish your day. I personally love meditation but never make it a practice.

Week 2
Cold finishes - this is the most challenging of the group, end your shower by only turning off the warm water. My grandmother used to do this every day until she got old and weird. She’s also the same woman that taught me that Mother Nature is a drunk. A good example of this is this dutch dude who may sound crazy, but Wim Hof can do some crazy stuff. Vice made a doc on him that blew my mind and he’s the dude that first reminded me of what my crazy Hungarian grandmother told me.

Week 3
30 grams of protein within 30 min of waking - I don’t know anything about nutrition except that I don’t do it right, I eat too much sugar, and never enough protein. I’m going to do it to see what happens, but not everyone agrees about its effects. I’ll let Tim tell you about it.

Week 4
Five-minute journal - This is a no-brainer, and with apps like Notes or Google Docs this should be so easy to accomplish. I miss the idea of writing by hand, so I'll probably use my trusty butt-pocket notebook again for this.

I’ll keep you updated about how I feel after a week of all of these things and we’ll see if any of them stick afterward. Personally, I’m hoping that the meditation practice is effective. Most of the people I admire most spend at least 10 minutes a day clearing their mind to get out of their own way.

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