9 Photos That Only Begin to Capture Our Trip to Europe!

As a photography hobbyist, I brought the gear along to capture our trip!

September 10, 2018

"Why did we bring a baby to Europe?" I asked myself no fewer than five times during our 11 day journey from Belgium to the Netherlands to France. We took SpaceBaby on a ten-hour flight over the Atlantic, to a Formula 1 race, to medieval castles, to one of the most recognizable cathedrals in the world, through a terrorist attack (by accident), all because we had left over wedding money from a few years back and a desire to go before we had to buy a flight for him after he turns two.

Before we left, I bought a used Canon 6D to replace my old 50D, and these are a handful of my favorite photos I took from a trip through three countries and tons of jetlag!

Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium - King's House @ Grand Place

Ghent, Belgium - Het Gravensteen

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Dam Square
Yup, those are unicorns in their reliefs!

Zaandam, Netherlands - Zaanse Schans

Amsterdam Centraal Station
We were present at the train station when a terrorist attack took place. Crazy day.

Paris, France - Sainte-Chapelle
This is a small (in comparison to Notre Dame) spot that is the most ornate use of stained glass I've ever seen. If traveling to Paris, this is a must see. 10/10 would return.

Paris, France - Louvre
We didn't actually go in due to a lack of time, but it's pretty impressive in this square.

Bonus photo:

by Lori Barber

I hope we get to watch a few more F1 races together even when he's too big for my shoulders :)