No, The CDC Isn't Saying to Shave Your Beard

They did share a sweet graphic that makes everyone look like Homer Simpson

March 2, 2020
beard guy

No, the CDC did not recommend all dudes with beards shave their dude beards off their dude faces. They don't even recommend wearing a mask at this time, see:

My beard (and marriage*) is safe for now! Anyone else look at some of these on first glance and see Homer Simpson?! ENHANCE.

Anyway, I guess most people are terrible at wearing these masks. We don't wash first, then we put it on wrong, then touch it all the time because it's foreign to our faces. I can only imagine there must be some benefit that when we cough or sneeze that the mask would catch the ick coming from your face. I don't know, I've done literally no education around health since 7th grade... or maybe 9th?

Wash your hands!

*My wife never wants me to shave my beard