Oh Good, They Let an Adult 12-Year-Old Into a Car Show

CenturyLink Event Center could BARELY contain my excitement!

November 11, 2016
Seattle International Auto Show

by JP


It should come as no surprise that a grown man who loves dinosaurs, spaceships, and karate would run around looking for supercars and exotics at the Seattle International Auto Show. I'm that grown man, and I found some kick-ass cars at CenturyLink. 

Look at this one, it goes 41,000 mph and travels through time.

Seattle International Auto Show Acura INXS
by Gregr

I must have called it the INXS 50 times, but it's the new Acura NSX. A rule of thumb for Formula 1 race cars, if it looks fast, it probably is. Pretty sure this thing would whoop a TIE Fighter in a space battle.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you lost? It looks like this rad rally car ended up caged on the temporarily carpeted floor of the auto show...

Seattle International Auto Show Rally Car
by Gregr

While it's designed to handle dirt/mud and asphalt, hopefully, we'll find out how this Honda handles a short fiber rug.

This thing, Ford GT, is so fast that the orange and blue actually cause astronomical shifts of their own when observed from a far away star system. 

Seattle International Auto Show Ford GT
by Gregr

It's probably the reason why aliens aren't talking to us - THEY'RE BAFFLED!

This is my favorite car that I someday might be able to afford, it's the Subaru WRX STI.

Seattle International Auto Show Subaru
by Gregr

They're so popular in the PNW that I'm almost certain you could summit Mt. Rainier in one. At the very least, paint it black and white and join an orca pod. If they gave me $50k to spend and I could choose any car, this would be on the list.

And of course we can't leave this beast out, you see one just like it under the 12 flag at CenturyLink field before any home Seahawks match, it's not like they weren't gonna bring it inside for the Seattle International Auto Show, duh.

Seattle International Auto Show - Seahawks Tundra
by Gregr

Not sure if it's house broken, though, or just a wild outdoor beast?

While wandering around the show, you'll run into a series of a bunch of fun little cars big enough for a tiny monkey to drive but without engines. These cars have been decorated by artists around the region

Seattle International Auto Show Art Cars For Kids
by Gregr

This one was signed by Hall of Fame Seattle Mariner, Ken Griffey Jr! You can bid on them to help with the #ArtCarsForKids campaign!

Also, this sucker doesn't just fill up the event center, it rolls into the concourse of the stadium itself AND out to the north parking lot where Jeep is showing off the sweet off-roading skills on their custom built track.

Seattle International Auto Show Outdoor Jeep Demo
by Gregr

The Seattle International Auto Show once again was a total blast and runs through the weekend! I like all the fast cars, but it's also a great chance to see a bunch of cars without a bunch of salespeople trying to sell you stuff. 

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