One of Two Original MLS Sounders Brad Evans Says Goodbye to Seattle

Why I'm Glad to See Him Go.

February 23, 2018

by Dan Poss SSFC Press


It all started with a training session with Sporking KC a few weeks ago - rumors, speculation and a bit of dread that we'd lose another Sounders FC star to the realities of professional sports. Brad Evans, captain of the Sounders FC, helped solidify the rumors:

That type of foreshadowing sucks for the fans but it's the bandaid rip Seattle needed. In the following week, we would receive the word we all knew/feared hovered just out of reach:


I ran into Brad in the press box at the end of last season, and the way he spoke to me, that guy didn't think he would play soccer at this level again. He sat out what felt like three rave green kit designs with problems linking up to his bad back. I told him he needed a backiotomy. He clearly didn't get one. Dumb, Brad. I'm not sure MLS lets the players use Sir Smoke-A-Lot's "pound a week" method either. Losing scenario.

While we may be #SadAboutBrad, we all should rally to wish this guy the best. He's donated a ton of his time raising money for the community with staples like Seattle Humane, led the team on the field as Captain, and he even came to the radio station occasionally to goof off with us.

For this dude to get another chance: I'm stoked.

I can't wait until he someday returns to the PNW - I mean at 32, he's like soccer 70, so it could be sooner than we think! He's a two time MLS Cup champ who any club would be lucky to have as a player, coach, ambassador, or soccer commentator (slash podcaster at 1077 The End...).

Scarves up to Brad Evans.

With his departure, Seattle only holds on to one player from the original MLS era lineup: Ozzie Alonso. Someone get that guy some stem cells so we can keep him healthy.

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