The Original Karate Kids are Back in this Cobra Kai Trailer

RIP Mr Miyagi

February 16, 2018



Daniel "Crane Kick" Laruso and "Sweep The Leg" Johnny Lawrence look ready to square up and have at it again thanks to this low-budget looking trailer for Cobra Kai!

I feel terribly for the kids who grew up without a relevant connection to the Karate Kid or its questionable sequels (Two was ok... and so was The Next... I couldn't even finish the Jaden Smith one...). Rather than making a new film, Cobra Kai is coming to YouTube Red... Siiiiigh.

Another thing to subscribe to in hopes they have a free month for new subscribers... Now that there are so many options to watch a series of shows, what do we even call it anymore? It's not a TV show anymore if it's on Amazon, Netflix, or YouTube Red... Anyway, it's cool they got the old actors back and relit the valley beef between them. Let's hope things get settled like they should be, at the All Valley Karate Tournament.

We got into it pretty good on the newest Our Dumb Podcast.

One thing is for sure it better feature a Mr. Miyagi force ghost or GTFO.

I miss Mr. Miyagi.

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Now you've seen the trailer, now listen to Gregr and Manley talk about the new series in Our Dumb Podcast