Pet All of the Kitties at Catapalooza

Seattle Humane's Super Fun Summer Adopt-athon!

August 5, 2016
Gregr + kitten

by Branden



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Having caught my naughty kitty high atop the bookshelf stealing kitty treats this morning, my first reaction involved cursing at him using a whisper so as not to wake my finance. Then he looked at me, meowed, awkwardly turned knocking all of my sunglasses on the floor and meowed again in confusion. Not only did he make a mess of things, but Peanut also required my help getting down. So frustrating, but super cute when he started purring after I saved him.

It’s what owning a cat is all about, willfully handing over your control of a situation to an animal that does not care about your worries. Kitties are incredible predators that could easily survive by feasting on my love handles while I sleep, so they don’t take much stock in our demands. They are the captains now. And that’s why we love them.

Chowder does not love them.

Catapalooza Kitty!
by Branden

This weekend, one of the best events in the universe for finding a furball friend takes place at Seattle Humane. It’s Catapalooza, and it’s hilarious. Last year, Seattle Humane found homes for more than 300 cats and kittens in a single weekend. To make it as easy as possible for you to take a new friend home, they’ve got a couple awesome incentives.

  • All cats 1+ years old have the adoption fees waived!
  • The first 25 kittens adopted each day (Saturday and Sunday) also have their fees waived. Just look at these little fuzzballs that came to visit our studio!

Catapalooza Kitty
by Branden

Now, when given the option, there’s no way I would choose one of those little kittens/satans to bring home to our already animal filled home. Just think of your human toes! More importantly, I’m originally a dog lover and still a bit intimidated by cats. I want to find a sweetheart cat that likes a cuddle, isn’t super aloof, and maybe a little weird (see Peanut). From kitten to adult, cats change so much. For me 10/10 times I would get a young non-kitten cat. You get a read of their personality that has had time to develop.

I’ll be at Cataplaooza on Saturday at 11 a.m. - whatever happens, please if you see my fiance leaving with a cat, tell me! Come hang out and we’ll pet kitties together!

Now enjoy kittens being hilarious in our studio:

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