Presidents of the United States of America Have Broken Up

Presidential news just keeps getting weirder.

November 17, 2016
PUSA Surprise Set at DTHB 2010

by Mat Hayward


Yesterday morning, a post on Facebook woke us up to the next in a line of crap news stories that have made 2016 worse than the liquid that drips from the bottom of a fast food trash bag peeing out onto the floor of the restaurant you're trying to eat at.

Since November 8, things have been weird. I'm simultaneously being convinced by the internet that the world is going to end and I'm reading Seven Eves from Seattle sci-fi super nerd Neal Stephensen, a book about the moon blowing up and the imminent demise of humanity below.

This may be the worst possible pairing right up there with sitting for a massive tattoo then jumping in a bath cocktail of lemon juice and Cholula - great for ceviche, terrible for pain.

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'Member growing up listening to the two minutes of "Lump" over and over? I 'member. For now, that's all we're gonna have - memories. 'Member the time that PUSA played EndSession 100? I 'member. 'Member the time that PUSA came out on stage at DTHB to announce a President's Day weekend of shows? I 'member. 'Member when PUSA played at the Family Fourth and I got to bring them on stage? I 'member. 

What are your PUSA memories? 

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