Radiohead are Suing Lana Del Rey over "Creep"

It appears that they hire relentless lawyers!

January 8, 2018

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Radiohead are taking action against Lana Del Rey for ripping off "Creep" on her recording for "Get Free."

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Listening to the two songs (really only listening to the Lana song bc if you don't know "Creep" already why are you reading this?), it's incredible how similar they sound. Embarassing...

As speculation swirled on music sites all over the internet, Lana came out and just settled it for everyone.


We may see them as nerdy, art rockers who have made money their own way with tons of integrity, but they aren't just artists. They're smart. That very same money is well used spent maintaining that integrity.

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Shrewd, Radiohead. It is however funny to me that the song the band hates the most in their catalog and only last year begrudgingly started playing in concert (not here), is still their baby that they're protecting. That, and they've gotta retire sometime, and creep keeps the royalty checks coming in!

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