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Had Brunch With My Friend Phil And This Came Up

October 21, 2019
Record listening is at a 25 year high

by Gregr


I like it when you know a person and years later something comes up only to realize you have a common interest. My family got an invite to a friend's house for breakfast over the weekend. I had never set foot in their house (it's gorgeous and full of globes) and when their kid was showing me around, we got to the music room. Over breakfast, I brought up to my buddy Phil that I like his Gretsch guitar. He graciously accepted the praise but pointed out he had wanted to sell it and get a Fender Telecaster with the single and humbucker pickups.

I'm a long-time guitar player but stopped some years ago. My guitar of choice has always been something big and full sounding. I mentioned that I bought a Gibson SG years ago because I love the band Fugazi. Phil, without skipping a beat, brings up Ian MacKaye, a singer/guitarist from Fugazi. We reminisced together about this band that would come on stage and tells the lighting people to put on all the overhead stage lights and proceed to play songs for hours, without a setlist, with everything out in the open.

No tricks. Here they are in Olympia:

I only ever saw that band once. It was 2001 in Tucson, Arizona. Finally. Ticket purchased months in advance and time requested off of work, college Gregr couldn't be more stoked. It was the night before the show that I checked in with my boss to make sure everyone was cool.

Everyone was not cool.

My heart sunk as we scrambled to find someone to cover the Loveline shift (remember Loveline?). That shift required a warm body capable of starting the commercials when it was time and returning to Loveline when they were finished. No one would do it.

To be clear, I 100% would have quit radio that day to see Fugazi, and if not for one sad, overworked and sleep-deprived overnight host, Midnight Mitch, stepping up in the final hour this blog might never have happened. It would prove to be Fugazi's final tour and thank the wizard I got to see them play.  I wish I still kept in touch with Midnight Mitch, but he's proven to be a tough google.

FUGAZI, Tucson, Arizona 2001. The crowd was an integral part of a Fugazi show. The concert was a community meeting. The lights were on, and nothing was hidden. #edsphotoarchive

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Years later, we hosted Rise Against at Northwest Harvest Food Bank, and I'd get to talking to Tim only to find out he too went to these Arizona shows. Small world, great band.

Anyway, just a weird way a couple of stories came together while talking guitars over oj and frittatas.