Ranking Sounders FC supporters' tifo through the years

ECS does some incredible work

November 2, 2017

by Gregr

Tifo - those giant supporter-created displays that go up before the match, are massive work, but add massive excitement to start a match and Seattle's Emerald City Supporters happen to be pretty good at creating.

As someone who can’t even get five people in a room to play a game during work hours together, I have no idea how ECS pulls these amazing displays off. 

Maybe it’s just the idea that idiots in the future (me) will blog about the achievements of their hard work and the crafting supporters legacy shall live on? Maybe it’s just fun to drink beers and paint junk?

I guess we’ll never know because frankly I’m on deadline and don’t have time to tweet at the dozen or so people I know that actually help make tifo.

Here are five of my favorites throughout the years.

5. Wizard wiener
Look, I know that this was intended to be a throwback to the 80’s thriller Poltergeist ahead of the 2016 season’s first kick, but I don’t care who you ask, that looks like a wiener and some beans that could also pass as a frumpy wizard. The opening match against a team, Sporting KC, who used to be called the Wizards. You be the judge.

I feel bad for the person in the front office who had to pretend this wasn’t a wiener when posting about it on social.

4. Cascadian Masters
Back in the summer of 2013, ECS showed us one of my favorite displays to start the match. Always at the conclusion of the national anthem, they began with blue and green cards (in this case plastic?) to make a simple but awesome looking backdrop, then the Cascadian Masters unfurl, but the best is when the SSFC crest is unfurled. I LOVE when clubs do this and wish we did every match.

3. Zach Scott Anniversary
It must feel pretty damn good to have an entire section of fans celebrate a career milestone! Hawaiian Zach Scott played an entire career for the Sounders including a final match on the squad delivering an MLS Cup! Before hitting the 300 match mark, this tribute (featuring despised Brek Shea) is a classy touch.

2. Decades of Dominance
Another Cascadian themed tifo whose multi-stage unfurling energizer bunny’d us, this features stars of the present and past. Oh and look, a certain MLS Cup winning coach is there... Despite some technical difficulties in delivery, the trolling here is still top notch.Timber feller, Roger Levesque, putting the final nail in this sick burn coffin - specifically using that photo - is hilarious. And that crushed Timbers crest...

1. Cathedral
The whole reason I wanted to write this trip down memory lane is because the season finale tifo from ECS is my favorite of all time. Just minutes before kickoff against the terrible Colorado Rapids, ECS put on this display that hits me right in the catholic childhood

I can’t wait to see what (if any) tifo we’ll have for the playoffs - the turnaround is pretty rapid, but that’s where the membership of supporter groups like ECS is so mind-blowing. What a dedicated group of fans!