We Rappelled Down a 40 Story Building and Lived!

It was the scariest thing I've done as an adult.

July 24, 2018
31 Stories High!

All photos provided by Seattle Humane


When Seattle Humane approached me about going “over the edge” for a fun fundraiser, I agreed because they’re rad and some thrilling fun sounded cool. I’m not sure how I blocked out in my brain that I would be voluntarily dropping off the perfectly safe, stable, and gravity capable 40-story skyscraper lowering myself back to the earth via a couple ropes and a harness. Most people just take the elevator.

In this video, look how it hasn’t set in that I’m about to literally hang my butt off the side of a building:

My wife told me I dissed Denise on the high-5… sorry Denise!

Other than white water rafting as a kid who hated swimming, this was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Also, the time I interviewed Mike Ness from Social Distortion and he threatened to fight me was pretty tense...

Listen to Gregr tell the whole tale on Our Dumb Podcast…

When rappelling, in your right hand you hold the feeder rope that’s effectively controlling your descent (with the help of two safety brakes), and it takes an incredible amount of grip strength going down. I only looked earthbound once between floors 40 and 10ish, but it was right before I hopped over the edge…

Thinking back, I wish I had taken a few minutes a few times to stabilize my breathing and just look around - it was the perfect day and to my right, the Mountain was out and to my left, the Space Needle looked beautiful. That view down 2nd Ave is something else! My wife captured this photo of me pretending to not be freaked out as I passed the staging area on the 31st floor.

I strongly recommend trying something like this despite fears you may bring along. Even though I felt terrified from the second I went “over the edge” until about 10 minutes after touching down, I would 100% want to do this again with the experience under my belt. It things like this where I feel a little sick to my stomach with butterflies and with heart pounding loud enough to hear it in my ears that makes me feel like we’re living beyond the sitting in hours of traffic or eating until we hate ourselves.

Gregr in the background


A few things I learned while rappelling down 40 stories:

  • 40 stories of rope is ridiculously heavy.
  • Vertigo is real.
  • Marble is slippery.
  • Having a baby made me worry much more about staying alive.
  • I have wimpy forearms.

Congrats on the massive event, Seattle Humane, and great job to everyone who raised the money to go "Over the Edge"!

all photos provided by Seattle Humane