Sasquatch! Music Festival Will Not Return in 2019

It's not dead, but we won't be stinky camping next year

June 29, 2018
Sadly, this is what The Gorge will look like this Memorial Day Weekend

Sadly, this is what The Gorge will look like this Memorial Day Weekend - by Gregr


What we've always thought of as the kick off to summer festival season in the Pacific Northwest, Sasquatch! Music Festival won't be returning in 2019. Adam Zacks, founder and producer of the festival, announced he's stepping away from the festival and that 2018 served as the final year for the foreseeable future. Other than memorializing those who served in the armed forces, what will we do with our Memorial Day weekends?

Listen to Adam Zacks talk Sasquatch on the Locals Only Podcast.

The final year, its 17th, featured Bon Iver, The National, Modest Mouse and a ton more. The fest did a magnificent job including local Seattle talent from over the pass. There are few things more fun than seeing local musicians hustling so hard to break through and then getting a break like Sasquatch!

RIP @sasquatchfestival #Sasquatch was the first music festival I ever attended as a high schooler, and it spoiled me for every festival after. I remember doing cartwheels we were so excited to be selected to play, and is still one of the best show experiences we have ever had. Glad I got to hang out this year for the swan song. Great shot @nate_watters

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Nothing seems to inidicate that the festival couldn't be revived in the future, but all imminent plans are empty.

From the thousands of bands that played, they've booked major headliners over the years. Foo Fighters, LCD Soundsystem, Twenty One Pilots, MGMT, The Cure, Florence + the Machine, Sleater-Kinney, Robert Plant, Outkast, Queens of the Stone Age, Macklemore, Mumford and Sons, Jack White, Kings of Leon and so much more! Personally, we hope they can look back at almost two decades of assembling one of the most difficult logistically nightmare jigsaw puzzles with tons of pride. Getting stinky camping, partying, and returning with black soily soot lining your nasal cavity were all part of the outrageous fun.

By day three, the wristband collection is strong
By day three, the wristband collection is strong - by Gregr

Here's a to a future for Sasquatch! so that our younger friends may one day enjoy what a weekend of getting dirty in the middle of nowhere shaking your body to music looks like. And that backdrop, watching LCD Soundsystem play while the sun is setting... sigh.