I Had No Idea Wind Turbines Catch Fire!

It might not happen a lot, but when it does WOW

March 6, 2019



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At first, I was learning about a type of wind turbine, a savonius verticle axis wind turbine, whose technology dates back to the times of the ancient Persian empire. Then in the video I was watching, I saw one of those modern white three-bladed wind farm turbines asunder! Flames burning, chunks flying off - what a spectacle! Turns out there's a bunch of these videos:

Stop talking and film the dang thing! I wish there was another angle... oh good:

How wild! I'm pretty spooked by the size of the turbine towers on the other side of the pass, but if anyone knows someone that can take me to see one, I would be anxiously grateful!

Here's the original piece I was watching about the Savonius - it looks super cool:

Just the google-ing I did for these videos alone, I see a bunch of people with the general idiotic sentiment "and I thought these were supposed to be environmentally friendly. *insert duurrr sound*" While spectacular and not without faults, a few videos of wind turbines being overworked doesn't mean they are destroying the planet. 30,000+ people a year are killed in car crashes in the USA and it means cars are inherently dangerous but compared to the number of total miles driven - 3.22 trillion - we shouldn't rush to say if you drive you're gonna die.

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