The Scoop Behind Flatstock

A chat with Mike Klay, organizer of the concert poster art exhibit at Bumbershoot

August 31, 2016

provided by Mike Klay

Bumbershoot isn’t just the Space Needle towering over the awesome Seattle Center as bands play, break dancers dance, and comedians tell jokes. For me, a serious part of Labor Day weekend is gawking at all the colors and ink of Flatstock!

Flatstock is the gathering of graphic poster artists. Booth next to booths, row after row, showing off the coolest concert posters in the country. It’s a few artists from Seattle joined by other designers from around the country who support their favorite bands by creating incredible poster art.

Mike Klay (@mikepklay) is a dude who makes concert posters and other graphic art that you’ll see at Flatstock this weekend, but he also has the task of getting a bunch of artists in one place for a four-day event this weekend in Seattle - he’s responsible for booking and organizing Flatstock 56.

I had no idea that Flatstock exists outside of Seattle and is growing internationally! He tells us all about setting it up, the process of screen-printing posters, and thanks to a schedule change that moves Bumbershoot ahead a day (now Friday-Sunday) about how they’re keeping the event open on Monday so between bites of brisket, you can pop by the Seattle Center on Labor Day for a look at the posters for free!

Find out more about Flatstock and the American Poster Institute.
Flatstock runs daily in the Exhibition Hall next to McCaw Hall during Bumbershoot and for free on Monday!

Contact Mike to find out more: