Sealed Super Mario Bros Game Fetches Some Serious Cash

Time to dig through your parents garage!

July 13, 2020
Super Mario

Monica Schipper // gettyimages


There's a new record for highest-selling video game of all time as Super Mario Bros. sold for $114,000 at Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic Art event on July 10th. For about the cost of an entry level Amazon employee's yearly salary, Jeff Bezos could have won the auction for the old school NES classic still neatly sealed in the original alternate packaging with some minor detail that non-collectors do not care about or notice.

Then again, the 1985 video game cartidge, now the spendiest in the world, did go home in the hands of an anonymous bidder. In all, more than $699,000 worth of games sold over the course of the event. 

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Rolling Stone reports that other titles includ "a sealed copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out that sold for $50,000 and a first-pressing, ultra-rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 that had the “Bros.” placed on the left side of the front cover; that item, one of only 10 known to exist, sold for $38,000."