Seattle Bans Plastic Straws and Utensils

You can still get 'em in stores, just not in restaurants

June 20, 2018

by Nordroden // Dreamstime


As of July 1st, restaurants in Seattle will no longer be able to give you plastic straws or utensils as a ban on plastic cutlery takes effect. First passed back in 2010 but rolled back repeatedly until now, the idea is to keep the oceans from dying.

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hold my straw

The stats are crazy: the average American human will use more than 38,000 straws in a lifetime which is bananas! Also, how many bananas will we eat in a lifetime?

I think most of us want to live in a world where the ocean doesn't die even if only because we like breathing. I would go as far as to say most of us don't want the mammals, stupid fish, or other weird aliens that live in our seas to die, and this is a good step in changing our attitudes towards ocean garbage. It took eight years of exemptions to finally get this legislation rolling because we simply didn't have the quality options to use as substitutes for the plastics previously depended upon. 

According to, "Connor Byrne Pub in Seattle already strays away from the use of plastic straws. However, the cost of non-plastic straws runs around ten times more than plastic straws, he said." TEN TIMES?! Is Seattle once again making it hard for small business to do business in Seattle?

You'll still be able to buy whatever straws you like in stores, it's just restaurants that will have to make the changes.

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