Seattle Humane Waiving Adoption Fees for Black Cats on Black Friday

We got our handsome black floof from a shelter

November 23, 2016
Fees for black cats waived for Black Friday at Seattle Humane

by Gregr


Seattle Humane wants you to take home a new friend this Black Friday, but unlike other crazy "deals" that you won't believe, Seattle Humane's is pretty simple.

Black cats on Black Friday won't cost you a thing! Seattle Humane, in an effort to get homes for the often stigmatized black kitties, will waive all the adoption fees on "every black, black-speckled, black-spotted and black-striped cat or kitten."

The benefits of adopting a cat

Look, I want you to get a great new black kitty for the holidays, but don't just get one because they're waiving the fees. Sit down with as many as it takes before one picks you. Seattle Humane have awesome meeting rooms where you can hang out and meet just the right kitty, one that plops down on your lap and starts purring or plays with your shoelaces. That's how we ended up with our sweet black kitty.

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Meet Shaggy. He's our little medium-hair black floof of a cat who loves a beam of sunshine when he can find it.

Shaggy loves a finger held out at just the right angle to nuzzle up against - you can literally summon him from across the room for a face rubbing. He hates the dog but loves humans. I'm pretty sure he's got a broken squeaker because while he only meows like the squeal of a pinched balloon his purr is louder than anything I've ever heard... at 2am... 

At the time of writing this, my friends at Seattle Humane helped find humans and homes for 5,126 adopted pets. I'm hoping with the fees for black cats being waived on Black Friday, you'll find a new home for a little weaponized fur ball. Maybe you're looking for a new doggy to ride around in your truck? They have those, too!

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