Sounders FC New Kit Sponsor, What Do You Think?

Zulily also announced partnership with Reign FC

January 18, 2019

by Full 90 Extra Time Podcast

After ten seasons wearing rave green jerseys featuring a variety of XBOX logos, Seattle Sounders FC went looking elsewhere for a new local partnership. Despite my call for them to just adorn the shirts with the face of the very handsome Brad Evans, they decided to join forces with online retailer, Zulily. Here's some shots from the big launch yesterday at the PACCAR Pavilion at the Olympic Sculpture Park:

by Gregr

After some catwalking by Chad Marshall, Roman Torres, and Mercer Island's own Jordan Morris, the Sounders revealed a trick still up their short sleeves bringing out the women of Seattle Reign FC. In 2019, Reign FC will also wear Zulily as a sponsor.

They way those soccer boots are designed it makes her left foot like it's twisted 180°! Anyway, the shirt looks good.

Interesting how Reign FC's shirts feature a larger logo than the Sounders FC. They are two independent clubs and don't share anything but an afinity for people playing soccer in the PNW. They even have different kit manufacturers (Adidas vs Nike).

Zulily using this launch to rebrand with a new logo seems like a high profile smart idea. For Sounders FC, it's a bit of a demorgraphic jump from a decade of gaming sponsorship to what has traditionally been an online retailer targeting women and kids. A few things about that:

  1. Who cares? If they're a good company with similar values, then they would be foolish not to consider it.
  2. Zulily employs 1,000 people in Seattle and wants to grow their brand. This is a cool way to achieve some big press they might not otherwise reach.
  3. This isn't a multi-level marketing scheme like other teams in the league have employed - some, for years.

For all the specifics about the deal, how it's going to make the Sounders FC a bunch more money, and the relationship between the two big charitable brands, read this article from the Seattle Times.