Seattle Sounders FC Have Home Games Coming Up

The MLS season rolls on I guess

August 10, 2020
CenturyLink stadium

Photo by Gregr

There's nothing straight forward about life in a pandemic. I feel sorta foolish for having thought - with little information - that in a pandemic things would get smashed and then start to get back to whatever normal usually feels like by summer or after a few months. Last time there was a pandemic, it took two years to get around/past/through it and we didn't have social media as a vehicle spreading misinformation adding a layer of complication to the process.

Despite that, MLS Is Back tournament got the ball rolling again on professional men's soccer in America. Women's soccer started back first, tackled similar illness problems, and remained a beautiful game to watch. The NWSL season was fully played in this tournament. MLS Is Back is just the beginning... again.

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Phase one for a return to play starts August 23:

NEWS: @mls announces schedule for 2020 continuation of play. We're set to play six matches from August 23 - September 10! ⚽️

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A drive down to Portland with no fans in the stadium. It's gonna be a weird way to see players get back to playing. Remember that the first couple matches played back in March count. The first three matches that everyone played (or didn't play if your team dropped out due to COVID-19) in the MLS is Back tournament count. The season is starting for the third time.

I can't imagine how difficult this must be to everyone involved. Other leagues stand to lose billions. MLS losing that much money could spell the end of the league. The jobs on the line, the players and staff health concerns, the fans not being able to yell abusive things at players they don't like - imagine all that stress.

Playing or not, there's not a good solution to this. America doesn't have a handle on the COVID-19 crisis destroying the economy - by economy, I mean the people who do the jobs and work that makes productivity. Until we replace everyone with robots, I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with any jobs - entertainment or otherwise. 

Hang in there and try to support the people putting their lives on the line without lumping them in with the people trying to profit from pandemic. It's all one system, but the fear there needs to be navigated and too few cools heads prevail.