Seattle Still Has TONS of Small Business

Despite the zillion condos being built...

November 28, 2016
Small Business Saturday - Sock Monster

by Gregr


As I write this, it's day four of Black Friday "deals." I can see a dozen cranes when I look out of the windows of our building downtown, all hard at work on making more room to stuff more people into Seattle. That's how it goes. The secret got out that Seattle is awesome and now, like it or not, everyone has to share.

In place of lots of cool little shops and strange local flair, giant steel frames pop up soon to be covered in windows and filled full of humans who can barely scrape by to afford them. 

I get pretty bummed out that soon, an imposter myself, I'll be forced to move out of having lived on Capitol Hill for almost a decade.

All of this sentiment is easy to get down about, but Small Business Saturday did something to perk up my spirits about this city and it's pockets of culture that are still fighting homologation. The small businesses in a city are usually the best and often weirdest places to learn about a town. I grew up with my dad hating the big names and only taking us to local spots to get the best food and service. I remember my mom, a quiet conservative lady, protesting the building of a Wal-Mart coming to our 'hood. I spent the better part of Saturday putting my money back into the businesses that keep us fun and weird.

Stop 1 - Easy Street Records Cafe

Small Business Saturday - Easy Street Records Cafe
by Gregr

There's nothing quite like browsing through vinyl while waiting for your table at breakfast. Usually, we just look at our phones and salivate over an imminent cup of much need coffee. Also, they'll let you have a cup of coffee while you wait because no one wants to see your ugliest non-caffeinated side...

Stop 2 - Fuel Coffee

Small Business Saturday - Fuel Coffee
by Gregr

Look, it was vacation, I have a morning coffee problem, and we were waiting 20 minutes for stop three to open for the morning. Fuel is a local chain with a few different locations around town. I need coffee, they made it for me. Happy.

Stop 3 - The Sock Monster

Small Business Saturday - Sock Monster
by Gregr

My wife and I have a tradition of buying one another small, fun gifts for Christmas. Last year we decided super irreverent socks from Sock Monster in Wallingford would be that perfect cute present. Now, with holiday travel just weeks away, we popped in to find fun footwear for Christmas morning. 

Stop 4 - Rocket Fizz

Small Business Saturday - Rocket Fizz
by Gregr

This new candy shop on Broadway across from the Capitol Hill light rail stop is what toy stores are to kids for people with a sweet tooth looking to binge on crazy sodas and tons of candy. I'm such a sucker for taffy that I can't help but spend a buck for a quick fix. Having just returned from Japan for our honeymoon, instant nostalgia set in when I found their imported Japanese sweets. 

Stop 5 - Cafe Solstice

Small Business Saturday - Cafe Solstice
by Gregr

In the base of one of those brand new Capitol Hill condo complexes lives a shop with the coolest cafe staff, variety of awesome taps and a place to call an end to our adventure over a season microbrew for me and a cider for the missus. It's their second location and proves that the giant buildings don't always mean the identity of a city have to paved over.

Don't let the booming construction of Seattle get you down - save that negative energy for the impossibility of affording a home!

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P.S. I also stopped and got gas at Costco. That's not a small business, but does it count as local?