Seattle Symphony To Play "Star Wars: A New Hope"!

Tickets for Benaroya Hall are on sale now

March 12, 2018


Seattle Symphony and the world of Star Wars are coming together this summer. I never thought I'd be headed to Benaroya Hall to see a Star Wars screening, but it looks like this July 13-15, they're pairing the full strength of horns, strings, and percussion playing the entire 1977 classic score with a screening of "A New Hope". That means a live performance of the Cantina Band song! 

Is this the type of thing that people show up to in cosplay? I'm into it as long as you keep your lightsaber set to "off" until the appropriate scenes, thanks.

This is going to be some seriously nerdy fun for us and the performers, too... as long as you don't sit next to a rain-drenched and rapidly drying Wookiee. This seems like the right move for a Seattle summer night. It's after July 5, so it should officially be summer by then and if it's too hot, you can soak up some sweet Benaroya A/C!

Anyway, get your tickets now because we expect all three shows to sell out.

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