Seattle's Summer Sensing Sea Otter

Look, if the people of Pennsylvania can do it, so can we.

March 24, 2016
Get otter here!

cropped photo by amitp // flickr


The last six months have been so stupidly rainy, but it’s been sort of refreshing.

Sure we’ve been soaked at Sounders FC matches, at the bus stop, and throughout the holidays, but I had no idea it was this crazy.

It’s certainly WAY different than last year with that insanely poor ski and snowboard season - it felt more Palm Springs than Whistler around here. Our savior, the Snow Wookie, must have been drunk or sleeping or doing something Wookie-y because for two years it felt like mother nature forget to switch off the heat lamp in the PNW.

Thinking about this aloud on the air, a question lingered: Would we be seeing another early summer the likes of 2009, 2014, 2015, or would the typical notion of summer starting the weekend after July 4th hold up this year? How (other than science) would we know what to expect?

We need some sort of oracle that can predict our shorts shopping needs… That’s when Monty in Olympia texted in:

Otter nonsense
via text at 91077

This is brilliant. If winter has its own dumb land rodent, why can’t we have a sea beast help us understand if we’re going to need to buy a window AC unit for a hot, long summer battle against sweating the bed wet, OR tough it out in the breeze of a box fan for a few weeks until the rain returns?

Ok, so let’s assume we’re having a sea otter* be the mascot for the saga of summer suspense, what would its name be? Does it have a full title like Punxsutawney Phil?

Seattle Sea Steve? Gimme some names to try out and let’s get this thing done.