Snohomish Santa Told Me A Cool Story

Santa Spoilers Ahead

December 17, 2019
Snohomish Santa is Rad

by Gregr


WARNING: Santa Spoilers Ahead.

My 2yo, SpaceBaby, just went to see Santa for the third time over the weekend and I wasn't certain if its the same truly jolly dude behind the beard, glasses, hat and suit. So, I asked him.

Snohomish Santa with my toddler

Santa told me that indeed he's donned the head to toe winter pajama suit for the last 29 years! On weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Santa hops between the shops of Historic Downtown Snohomish (someday Snohomish Pie Company I hope), and poses for free photos with freaked out kids and nervously giggling/apologizing adults. Bring your own camera or smartphone.

Imagine how much Santa has grown into the part over 29 years! He told me a cute story. For the first time to his knowledge, a mom came to him saying that she had sat on his lap as a kid, and now at 26 years old, she brought her own kid down to see the very same big man in red.

How. Freakin. Cute.

Now I've got nothing (other than germs) against the big shopping mall Santa experience where they craft a workshop and hire a photographer, but 10/10 would recommend visiting this much more modest scene.