So, Did The Foo Fighters Break Up?!

These master trolls did not split, instead made fun of our insecurity.

March 2, 2016

The Foo Fighters have a little time on their hands these days and everyone thought they were totally breaking up thanks to this post on Twitter:

What an ominous post. It’s like saying "report to the boss’s office first thing in the morning" #terrifying. The immediate reaction from the media (including me) did not paint the picture with rainbows and hope of something rad like a new keyboard playing unicorn joining the band. Instead, we got tons of headlines like this:

"Everything we know about the Foo Fighters Break Up Rumors" - AP

"Foo Fighters Promise Announcement Tonight Amidst Breakup Rumors" - Stereogum

"Are Foo Fighters Breaking Up?" - Spin

Over the next 24 hours, we waited. I refreshed Twitter 20 times throughout the day in anticipation of the big news. Taylor Hawkins dropped this bit of misinformation in hopes of getting our emotions swirling, and whether or not it was on purpose, he succeeded!

Finally, late last night, they gave us this 7 minute bit of well wielded troll-ery - an incredible example of comic misdirection - that can allow us all to sleep easily tonight:

Video of Foo Fighters - Official Band Announcement

How dare you...

Sammy Hagar, Gwen Steffani, Chris Cornell, Eddie, and Phil Collins - all amazing suggestions to replace the newly departed, one-button pushing, keyboards and laptops focused Dave Grohl.

“Prince did our song... at the Super Bowl,” lol Taylor.

Inviting Nick Lachey to perform “Everlong”: another master stroke of trollery.

The most important part of this video is the closing titling:

“For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo!” -Foo Fighters.

Well done, Foo Fighters.