So, You're In Seattle... Adam Wygle

Video Broadcasting is Bananas, Adam is Bananas!

July 19, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... Adam Wygle

photo courtesy Adam Wygle

When we turn on the TV to watch an event, anything from a political convention to a Seahawks game, the stars on screen are the ones that shine brightly or burn apart like a satellite on re-entry. They can be the players running around on the field, the liars on a giant stage trying desperately to win, or just a host dryly talking about gardening tips and salmon fishing tactics.

What we don’t see behind the scenes is a group of overworked people crammed into a space too small to be comfortable, with a ton of hours worked already banged out and even more to go. The demands placed on live video broadcasting are tremendous, and that comes from a dude who broadcasts audio every day!

I met Adam when his team at Bootstrapper Studios handled the video for Seattle Sounders FC 2 broadcasts when we were invited to by the team to do play-by-play… They let a couple of dummies try out something out of their comfort zone, but it was Adam’s team that made it feel comfortable. They did all the work that day, we just had to talk non-stop for two hours.

Gregr and Manley broadcast team

Listen to what it takes to broadcast, how one even gets into the field, and how so many of us not quite millennials not quite gen x-ers can come together to talk punk rock!