So, You're In Seattle... Alyssa Page

Maybe you've already heard this new voice on The End?!

July 26, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... Alyssa Page

by Gregr

Alyssa, dressed in mid-summer flannel, is one of us! She's new on The End, but not new to hiking around in forests, taking wiggling dogs to the dog park, or getting fired up about a Temple of the Dog reunion tour. Unlike most of us, she knows how to drive in the snow!

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While we’ve added a new face to social media and new voice on the air, it means that like you, I only knew her a little bit better than you do now.

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This was a fun way to learn about the stuff that someone loves. It’s a cliff’s notes to the final version you’ll grow to love in coming years! I bet you have some bands you love in common. Maybe you’ll see her out at Wallace Falls one of these weekends?

Don’t forget you’ll have a chance to meet Alyssa (and the rest of us) at Summer Camp this August!

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