So, You're In Seattle... Andrew Ginn

Seattle Drum School's own

February 9, 2016

Before moving to Seattle, I had this idea of what a person from the Pacific Northwest Would be like - gone the ways of the wild west that I had grown up with; present, people who were a little more connected to an earth that would more easily host human life. Because of the abundance of life in the region, humans with the ability and desire to create supplemental art and representation were my expectation. As the city grows, a flattening of that natural culture seems replaced by homogenized, synthesized, and uniformly American branding. Where the landscape of quiet, yet expressive culture once lived separated from the rest of the country, we have but strange pockets remaining. It's the coral reef of artistic expression.


Andrew, the drummer of Colorworks, is a man when I first met him, delivered on my expectations of what life in Seattle would be like. A career musician, taking classes at the Seattle Drum School, he street teamed at the radio station, played music, went to school, and made art. That's not including a spell working at what sounds like the craziest video.... store.... ever! Casual, if not a bit scruffy, he wore big sideburns and an appropriately matching smile. He’s a dude covered in tattoos that don’t need explanation, nor do they seem to stand out against the backdrop of the city. Now Andrew has returned to that drum school to help the next generation of drummers drum.

Seattle Drum School