So, You're In Seattle... Brad Evans

Seattle Sounders FC captain helps get us fired up for broadcasting soccer matches!

September 23, 2016
Brad Evans signed a jersey for us!

by Leslie Scott

Since day one of Seattle Sounders FC joining the MLS and having that first kick against the New York Red Bulls, they’ve included The End in the fun in some way, shape or form. We had Kasey Keller guest host our morning show and write a blog, we gave away a zillion tickets, and we’ve been to so many matches. Manley and I even commentated for a few Sounders FC 2 matches at Starfire Stadium and we had a regular segment run for years.

Now it all comes together.

The Sounders will be broadcast on our airwaves for two of the remaining matches this season. The players we’ve watched from the stands will be announced on our airwaves.

Photo by Branden From The Internet

To get everyone excited, we invited a guy who’s also been there since day one to come by and give us some insights into the professional athlete world. Brad Evans, captain of SSFC, surprised me with a bunch of his background including his love of skateboarding and the look in his eye when he describes his fondness of Seattle - it’s audio so you can’t hear that look, you’ll just have to believe me.