So, You're In Seattle... Chris Allen

Host of The Seattle Files with Chris Allen

July 6, 2016
So, You're in Seattle... Chris Allen

by Chris Allen

There are few things more fun in this business for me than getting to put down the responsibilities and go be part of someone else’s broadcast, see how they operate, and enjoy my line of work through a different set of lenses.

When The Seattle Files with Chris Allen host Chris Allen reached out asking if I’d join his podcast, I couldn’t be more excited! His is a show that’s received some great local coverage as one of the Seattle pods you need to listen to.

I went to Chris’s Queen Anne apartment, sat down at a bar height table, and shared a microphone to record a 40-minute segment about Seattle. The Seattle Files with Chris Allen is a show documenting various bits of our history. We talked a lot about 1800’s Seattle prostitution - my bad. Chris spends a ton of time researching, writing, and producing this weekly show.

After recording, I promptly insisted he join me in studio at The End to record my podcast so we could give some background. The perfect pairing of our two shows. I’m stoked to meet a guy who has done so much improv in Seattle, but the real winning nugget from this talk is learning about the murder mystery party scene in Seattle!

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