So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of Orcacon

Tabletop gaming gets huge in Everett!

January 11, 2017
So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of OrcaCon

Monopoly, battleship, trivial pursuit - all huge names that come to mind when I think of tabletop gaming - a newer name to that group Settlers of Catan is becoming a household regular favorite. Don’t forget the classic roleplay of  Dungeons and Dragons or table top king, Magic the Gathering. That’s about the level of understanding I have for some of this world.

Boy, was I wrong.

Donna Prior, the creator of Orcacon, blows my mind with tabletop gaming knowledge. She and her friends with local gaming meetups like Inclusive Geekery got so into it that they took the steps to create a three-day festival celebrating the fun. This weekend is Orcacon in Everett (1/13-15). Go for a day or the whole weekend, but do it before they sell out. It’s only year two and they’re expecting over a thousand gamers!

Reach out to Donna with any questions
Check out the schedule for the weekend.
They have their own beer: Blackfish Stout via Salish Sea Brewing!
Plus, Donna assures me they will have the Seahawks game on tv :)

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