So, You're in Seattle... GOLDNWOLF

Two thirds of the band once played in Girl on Fire and they're back!

May 12, 2017
Nicholas, Jake, (Gregr) and Austin

by Gregr

At any time, if you were to take a snapshot of the Seattle music scene, you’ll find general themes of that era that tend to mark the overall music scene at the time. It’s how Grunge stuck despite there being other cool facets to the scene at the time.

Learn all about adventuring in Asia with Girl on Fire guitarist, Nick McMahan

In a musical epoch where beards grew on the faces of twenty-something-year-old musicians like moss on the trees of the Olympic peninsula, the dudes from GOLDNWOLF were making music with a decidedly harder edge in a band called Girl on Fire. They were sonically outside the popular Seattle scene, and more interestingly using that sound to find success on the road.

Now when it’s time to change gears and do something new, they’ve got a massive fan base already built in and it’s gonna be rad to watch these gentlemen go full speed into their next adventure!

They're debuting new music at a single release show Saturday night (5/13) at Columbia City Theater! See how much they put into live performance and get to one of the coolest neighborhoods in town!