So, You're In Seattle... Hugo Garcia

Super sports fan that knows his tacos!

January 11, 2016

Quickly, welcome back to So, You're In Seattle... I had a pretty tough run of guests cancelling and plans falling through and this show kinda got benched. It breaks my heart because I love talking to the weirdos in Seattle that make me weirder! So, I finally faced up to my frustration and we're back!

Hugo Garcia is one helluva a stadium announcer. His English and Spanish belting of player names and achievements at Starfire Stadium followed by the bellowing finality of his signature "Oh yeah" are a fixture for soccer matches. We first met bc I bought girl scout cookies from his SonarFeed podcast partner's kid. I love me some thin mints... My radio cohort, Jon Manley, and I joined @SonarFeed for an episode before (or was it after) calling a soccer match for the Seattle Sounders FC 2. 

This guy knows how to make everyone feel loved and welcome... as long as you're not a Timbers fan inside CenturyLink Stadium! He was always the dude that showed up with tacos for the whole broadcast team stopping on his way to the match by his local carneceria.

You can join Hugo and his friends in La Barra Fuerza Verde and yell your face off for Seattle Sounders FC, too! Then we also talked about the SonarFeed FIFA16 Tournament benefitting the Lamar Neagle Foundation 1/24 @ The Berliner Pub in Renton. More details here: FIFA 2016 Tournament.

I first met Hugo Garcia before we sat down in the booth at Starfire Stadium to cover Seattle Sounders FC 2 matches in 2015. We met to record his podcast, SonarFeed, and talk soccer. He's the in stadium announcer for SSFC2 in both english and spanish, a huge Seahawks fan, and a dude making a difference in our community with... banking?!

On Air Date: 
Monday, January 11, 2016 - 6:00am


Feels good to be back doing this podcast. I hope you enjoy Hugo and this season's guests!