So, You're In Seattle... Jacob Burgess, Voice Actor

He provides voices primarily for video games, has totally real wife.

May 5, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... Jacob Burgess, Voice Actor

Photo provided by Jacob Burgess

There’s something about a child of the 80s that signals the end of an era. We were the last of the children that had to get up and walk to the TV to switch channels. The options available were - like choosing which brand of kibble you’d best like to eat - not great.

This lack of pre-cable choices means we may be the last generation that all know the references from a much smaller pool of entertainment. Sure, some kids liked books, while others liked sports, but if you put a room full of boys from the 80’s in a room together today, you’ll quickly find people rattling off titles we all knew: Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, etc.

Now with unlimited options for entertainment, we can more easily find the things that make sense to us. It’s kind of sad that kids today won’t likely have the same experience as we share.

Jacob Burgess Voice Actor
provided by Jacob Burgess

After talking to Jacob, a voice actor and fellow 80s kid, I was delighted to know that the things I obsessed about and still use on my radio program inspired a dude to go into a similar field full of imagination and wonder.

Jacob is a weirdo in the best sense of the weird. He’s chasing the opportunity to make the sounds he heard as a kid that inspired him to make sounds. Cyclical.

Jacob continues to ride the high of recently voicing a character in the newest installment of Baldur’s Gate - a Dungeons and Dragons video game where he voices Glint. Hear his work but be warned of potential spoilers.

I’ve talked to many people on this podcast, but few were as open and candid and simply enthused as Jacob. He’s a wonderful character, and I’m beyond proud to have him join us. I even went back and listened.

Jacob’s stuff:
And he suggested watching ‘I Know That Voice’ to learn more.