So, You're In Seattle... Jim Petosa

From owing Barsuk thirty bucks, to life growing up attending the Kingdome...

February 1, 2016

As the creep of outside influence washes over Seattle like that one wave that rushes up the beach faster than you thought, the identity of the area is becoming less remotely PNW and more affected by the outside national and global forces at play. It's super cool to be able to able to find the gems of our community that represent a lifetime of Seattle (Edmonds) life/fun, and to find where they settle in amongst this sea of crashing cultures.

I first met Jim Petosa at an event for Grammy U - an event helping kids in the Seattle area swallow up as much music business info as possible. Jim sat on a panel on behalf of his employer, Barsuk Records, while I just asked questions of him and other industry pals. Barsuk is one of those Seattle institutions that continues to support music on a smaller, more intimate scale. There's some serious notoriety from working with bands like Death Cab For Cutie, but the list of artists would make anyone's record collection pretty awesome. 

Jim Petosa is the type of guy you wanna see a Mariners game with this summer. He's also got a plan to make binge watching Netflix way less annoying, so make sure you tell your executive friend at Netflix to listen, dummy!

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