So, You're In Seattle... Master Cosplayer, Brian Morris

This dude's ZakLabs helps the cosplayers of PNW look awesome!

April 17, 2017
Ash Evil Dead Cosplay

provided by Brian Morris

Following last year's inaugural Renton City Comic Con (Ren-Con), I was told to interview Brian Morris for his incredible skills at making killer cosplay.

Hold the fork, what is cosplay?

We have tons of different "cons" in the Seattle area: Emerald City Comic Con, PAX, Sakura Con, Orcacon, Norwescon, and more. The people who dress up in costumes of their favorite heroes, villains, characters, ninja turtles and more are cosplayers.

Brian told me about being a pioneer in the field when he and his kids wanted to dress up for a local convention they were attending. Applying his theater craft to cosplay married his love of gaming and entertaining and the dude hasn't looked back.

Brian's gotten so into it that his group of cosplayers host a monthly meetup in a massive workshop full of tools, bits of foam and cloth and plastics, parts, guns, swords, knives, wings, stilts and so much more. I visited and saw just a few things he's made including this Evil Dead chainsaw:

Hanging out with @zaklabs workshop watching em make sweet #cosplay

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This light up book of the dead:

And this crazy hammer than Hannah (a new friend) was working on:

Just an update on the hammer! Here's some footage of the fully installed led lights! I honestly was about to abandon this crazy idea until @zaklabs just decided to be awesome and make this happen. Literally, I did zero things with these lights. But now it is beyond awesome!! #cosplaywip #hammer #sevendeadlysins #serpentsin #seattlecosplay #insulationfoam #ledlights #props

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Brian talks about a lot of stuff in this episode, and sorry for anything I missed. Find his cosplaying and photos of Soldier 76, Ash, Crossbones and SO MUCH more on his Facebook: ZakLabs

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