So, You're In Seattle... Mike and Justin of The Package Guard

These dudes are tired of packages getting stolen from your porch...

April 5, 2016
The Package Guard

by Gregr

There has got to be a name for the feeling of ordering something from the internet, tracking its every move and then knowing exactly when it’s waiting for you at home… I mean, I should probably leave work early so I can go get the $7 socks I ordered, right?

Do you ever find that you order something, and the waiting becomes more exciting than the product itself?

Ever have a package that supposed to be here by 8:00 p.m. today not get delivered and you have to wait… until… TOMORROW?!?

Seriously, we live in the weirdest, most hollow culture of things. Materialism, you’re a real mud covered hippo fart bubble. I, like many of us, love it. That’s why the very thought of a package being stolen off the front porch is bananas!

Mike and Justin of The Package Guard
by Gregr

The 2015-16 holiday season was littered with headlines from all the local news agencies covering package theft - often Christmas presents for loved ones or children. That’s when Mike and Justin got to work on making a device that would help deter jerks from stealing your stuff. It’s simple, and they need your backing to get it made. Listen and then make up the decision to back them here

The Kickstarter closes 4/8 and they’ll take orders on a discount for anyone that can provide a police report from their own package theft!

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