So, You're In Seattle... Nikko Mamallo

From President of The End to skydiving madman!

February 16, 2016

Barack Obama and Nikko Mamallo have something in common - they’re both the president - one leads one of the earth’s biggest superpowers, the other a now meaningless title bestowed by a radio promotion - his leadership, that as a puppet for a radio station and it’s evil marketing… muwahahaha.

Nikko is that guy who only slept 4 and a half hours over the weekend before finishing the project we were all too lazy to complete. He’s the guy that has a wildly creative mind and the ability to put in the effort to show off an incredible product. He's a great photographer and cinematographer.

That’s all fine, I wanna know about his insane hobby! Nikko is a skydiver. Not just a "yeah I love skydiving, I've been twice" type of thrill seeker. Nikko's jumps from perfectly good planes now surpasses 900 flights in just about three years... That's something nutty like once per day! How freaking expensive is that? Do you ever get bored? Seriously, how do you afford that, it's like $300 per jump?!? It started as team building exercise and became what seems like an obsession! 

Nikko talked about using a wingsuit equipped with hundreds of LED bulbs and programmed to look awesome. Well, I just got this video and he was absolutely correct. This is badass:

Pretty incredible. If anything could make me want to skydive, this is it!