So, You're In Seattle... RC Makris

He's part of the force behind Seattle Ska Fest 2016

March 30, 2016
So, You're In Seattle... RC Makris

photo provided by RC Makris

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In the last five years, I've met and made acquaintance with such a large group of strangers via the ability to take away the distance between us on the tubes of the internet: Twitter. 

Twitter can also a mouthpiece for jerks to have a direct line to someone they’re yelling at without having to consider the usual bounds of personal interaction. It’s been a crazy evolution of our culture and communication and it means I’ve met a ton of Sounders FC fans.

All you have to do is look for people tweeting their fingers off during a Sounders FC match (or event you’re into) and engage them. Over time, I’ve learned about the little nuances that make all these different fans unique - there’s a greater Sounders FC umbrella over a vast array of any number of fun hobbies and ideologies.

This is exactly how things went between RC (@rcmakris) and I. Had we not gone back-and-forth on Twitter about various nonsense, I would never become aware of an awesome music festival he’s putting on in Seattle: Seattle Ska Fest!

Seattle Ska Fest

Friday, April 22nd
Easy Big Fella / The Georgetown Orbits / The Push / It Gets Worse / The Damn Long Hairs / Skablins / The Seattleites / Spinning provided by DJ Brynn Dange

Saturday, April 23rd
Chris Murray / Natalie Wouldn't / The Kings / The Sentiments / The Bandulus / The Mean Threes / Irie Idea / Selections by Selecta Soulshot 

Both nights, doors at 6, show at 6:30, 21+ - ​$9 through Ticketfly, or $13 at the door day of show

Click below for more info:
Seattle Ska Fest
Seattle Ska Scene

And then this cover of The Legend of Zelda attributed to The Push:


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