So, You're In Seattle... Ross Fletcher

We love him so much, we blew up his head!

March 8, 2016

To this day, my favorite piece of work from the hilarious mind of former Sounders voice Ross Fletcher selfishly involves me. Sorry, not sorry. During our Full 90 Extra Time Podcast, Ross put his commentating power to the test and called a complicated, giggle-filled solve of a Rubik’s Cube. Though seemingly random, being able to solve that puzzle is an interestingly pointless skill that I’ve employed on a competitive level* at the Rubik’s Cube World Championships. Ross, with no preparation, instantly slipped into mocking my fat-fingered fumbling with ease.

Ross is my friend. It took me a long time to stop being so damn nervous around a guy with his exceptional training and ability to tell a story between kicks, oba-flips, and two-footed red card tackles. Here is someone with a specific set of skills that sets him apart from the rest of us, but he remains a delightful man enjoying a huge opportunity in another country for a few years. He took Manley and I aside and trained us to become soccer commentators (big mistake).

When we found out Ross’s time with the Sounders would soon draw to a close, we thought for sure the end of an era had fallen upon us. We made sure to do it up right and honor his legacy before he left by holding up a large-scale poster of his handsome face and yelling a bunch from the front row at CenturyLink field.

I was bummed that in the years he spent living and working in Seattle, I never took the time to learn about how he became such an awesome presenter and commentator. What did his background and upbringing look like? How did he learn to craft his evocative language with the appropriate amount of improvisation versus preparation?

Join me and learn how back in the UK, they turn mere mortals into radio broadcasting superhumans.

Here’s a clip of Ross’s predecessor Graham Richards before Fletcher scored his big soccer break - "a move of excuisite constuction!!!" This one rules, too. And who wants to meet later for some tasty Dude Burger?